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Our Rehabilitation Department is available to both San Simeon by the Sound Residents and Adult Day Health Care Registrants. Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists are available to meet short term, long term, and day to day restorative needs. 

Short term rehab requires the coordinated services of an interdisciplinary team including physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, therapists (physical, occupational, speech and recreation), dietician and other professional disciplines. The rehabilitation team specializes in helping residents regain a maximum level of independence following surgery, disabling illnesses or injury. The interdisciplinary team works with the resident and his or her family to ensure a safe DC plan.

Physical therapists specialize in evaluating and treating individuals who have disturbed function or impairment related to the musculoskeletal system, neurological and cardiopulmonary systems. Physical therapists develop individualized training programs to maximize residents overall functional performance, minimize impairments and alleviate pain.

Occupational Therapy provides services that address everyday life activities affected by physical, psychosocial, cognitive and environmental limitations. Occupational therapists work with residents on individualized goals to achieve maximum independence in activities of daily living to promote a high quality of life.

Speech Therapists evaluate and treat residents with dysphasia, language and cognitive impairments that include but are not limited to aphasia, dysarthria, apraxia and voice disorders. Speech therapists assess and implement alternative communication devices when it is deemed appropriate. They work with the dietician and nursing staff for appropriate diets for residents. Speech therapists also collaborate with family members on the goals of language for each individual resident.