We are always looking for innovative volunteers at San Simeon by the Sound. If you are interested in becoming one of our volunteers, please complete the following list of requirements:

1. Fill out one of the two (junior or adult) volunteer applications 
(Please fax, email or bring in your application to be submitted to JoAnn Termini-Pira, Recreation Director 
F: (631) 477-8969 or email: joanntpira@sansimeonbythesound.org)
2. Complete a background check
3. Furnish 2 references
4. Complete a health screen along with a physical (within 1 year) 
5. A PPD test is the final requirement before you can begin working as a volunteer

After steps 1-5 are successfully completed, an interview will be granted. We are always looking for amazing new volunteers to join our family!


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